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The Ultimate Air Jordan 4 Guide

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The Air Jordan 4 is a timeless sneaker in the Air Jordan series, launched in 1989 and designed by Nike's Tinker Hatfield. This wasn't just another addition to the lineup; it was a phenomenon that redefined style, and cultural while still providing a high level of performance. Worn by Michael Jordan and made timeless from the start.

Recognized for its unique design, the Air Jordan 4 includes visible Air unit technology and high-quality leather construction. This delivered comfort, durability, style and most importantly performance at a top level.

One of its most notable features is the wings on the sides. Some say it is supposed to symbolize Michael Jordan's leaping ability on the basketball court. Additionally, it has a distinctive lacing system with plastic wing eyelets that provide extra support and durability.

Over the years, the Air Jordan 4 has been released in various colors and collaborations, such as the Jordan 4 Retro Undefeated (2018 Sample). These collaborations and exclusive releases have pushed the sneaker to another level of popularity.

The history of the Air Jordan 4 sneaker is still holding sneakerheads at awe as the sneaker is becoming one of the most exclusive Jordan sneakers to find. You can shop the latest Air Jordan 4s at New Zealand's Premier online sneaker marketplace - Im Your Wardrobe.

The Air Jordan 4 is the perfect blend of durability and comfort. The Air Jordan 4 is known for its top notch quality and construction. They have been used by mutliple athletes on the basketball court and have lasted the test of time.

Engineered for Durability

The Air Jordan 4 is made from high quality materials and stitched to perfection. This allows the sneakers to be worn both on the court and used for daily life. Some people even go as far as saying the Air Jordan 4s look better with age. The aesthetic style of the sneaker is a big attraction for sneakerheads as they can be styled in so many different ways.

Prioritizing Comfort

One of the main features that really improves the comfort of the Air Jordan 4s is the air sole within the midsole. This reduces the impact and provides support where it is needed the most. In particular when jumping or running. The padded tongue and inner side panels makes for a snug fit. It prevents your foot from moving around too much when wearing the sneaker. This is why the Air Jordan 4s are very popular in both athletes and sneakerheads.

In summary, Air Jordan 4 sneakers are renowned for their exceptional durability and comfort. Their design, combining high-quality materials and comfort-oriented features, ensures they're equally suited for performance on the court and everyday wear. This blend of durability, comfort, and style underscores why Air Jordan 4s continue to be celebrated by sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

Shop authentic Air Jordan 4s at New Zealand's premier online sneaker marketplace, Im Your Wardrobe.

In the world of exclusive sneakers and streetwear, the Air Jordan 4 stands out, commanding resale prices far above its original retail price. But why? What is the reason Jordan 4's fetch high resell prices? Lets dive into this:

One of the main factors for the Air Jordan 4's is the supply and demand. This model of Jordan is one of the most popular among all Jordans. They appeal to all to both hardcore sneaker enthusiasts and the fashion-savvy. This makes them one of the fastest Jordans to sell out at retailers. Despite frequent releases by Jordan Brand, the demand for these iconic sneakers often exceeds supply, driving up their resale prices.

Another key to the demand is Jordan Brand's strategy of releasing limited-edition versions of the Air Jordan 4. This makes the sneaker not only more exclusive but also they are often a collectors item. The collaborations or the Retros that take the original Jordan 4 model and give it an upgrade really bring life to the history of the shoe. Some of the collaborations are with brands such as Off-White, Travis Scott and Union LA.

In summary, the Air Jordan 4's high resale value is the result of a complex interplay of supply and demand, exclusive releases, strategic collaborations, and its lasting cultural impact.

Im Your Wardrobe is the premier sneaker marketplace in New Zealand. We don't set our prices, they are set by our trusted sellers. This can cause the price differences across different models and sizes. All the Air Jordan 4s are authenticated by hand before being shipped to you the customer.

For serious sneaker enthusiasts, confirming the authenticity of Air Jordan 4s is essential. Authentic Air Jordan 4s have multiple features to look out for when it comes to a legit check.

The Jordans feature clean and precise stitching in particular on the Jordan jumpman logo on the heel. The high quality material that is used means that the Air Jordan 4s are very durable and don't get wear and tear easily. The lace locks and the wings all feature accurate holes and stitching allowing for a perfect match between the laces. Lastly, even the smell can be a key factor for authenticating some Air Jordan 4s.

At Im Your Wardrobe, we eliminate any uncertainty. Every pair of Air Jordan 4s we handle goes through a thorough authentication process conducted by our sneaker experts. They meticulously examine each stitch, material, and color to ensure that every pair is 100% authentic.

Overall, owning an authentic pair of Air Jordan 4s is not only a great item to wear but also they hold their value and in a lot of cases go up in price. So, for some people it can be seen as an investment. Purchasing an Air Jordan 4 from New Zealand's premier sneaker marketplace is one of the safest ways to make sure your item is authentic.

Being New Zealand's largest streetwear marketplace Im Your Wardrobe has a sizing chart for all Jordan / Nike sneakers. Sizing guide here.

Air Jordan 4s typically fit true to size, which means you should order the size you normally wear in most sneakers.

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